Double Cut Saw Home

Hey there Do-It-Yourselfers! My name is Sean and I got my first taste of yard power equipment when I was in high school. My dad had me help him with some tree trimming and it was my very first experience with a chain saw. After cutting up several truck loads of trees, I was hooked with power tools and DIY work…

I enjoy getting the work done on my property here in Austin, Texas. It’s always a battle with the cedar trees and a real problem for Texas as well. So I’m always experimenting with different power tools and different methods for the tasks that being a land owner in Texas brings. I’ve used quite a few different makes and models of power equipment and I also have several friends with land in the area as well as rather large yards with a whole mess of trees that came with them.

My friends and family are always asking me about chainsaws, mowers, weed trimmers, etc., so I figured rather than having to tell each of them individually about the power equipment that I’m using, I’d just start a blog about it. So in addition to keeping up with all the work on my land here in Austin and getting way too much experience with tree trimming, I’ve taken up blogging to write about DIY yard work and talk about some of the equipment that I’ve used. There have been both good and bad experiences with some of the power tools that I’ve purchased. I’ve gotten a bit wiser with age and now I like to really take a look at several different places for reviews and I always try to personally use the equipment before I buy it. I’m posting some power equipment review sites on my Cool Stuff page that you can check out as well.

So I’ll mostly be talking about the power tools like chainsaws, mowers, riding mowers, weed trimmers, saws, drills and the like. I’ll also occasionally write about specific projects that I’m doing on my property as well. I think that will be of interest to some of you  DIYers as well.

I also have people asking me, “what’s with the name of your blog?” Well, it comes from the old saying measure twice, cut once. It’s a play on that, so I thought Double Cut was funny. I’m also a custom furniture and cabinet builder and I have a shop on my land here in Austin, so I can usually be found behind a saw in the wood shop. It’s just my own crazy brain at work.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy the blog and reading about all the DIY power equipment. Feel free to drop me a line or hit me up on social media. You can also head over to my About page and learn a little more if you are interested.